• jackknkillington

Buckle the fuck up

Hello, JNK here, and you are there. Kooky huh?

Do you like horror? Fantasy? sci-fi? So do I, and I love to write them. Good for me, maybe not so good for you. Art is of course subjective. Given the elective though, whether it is your heart or your mind. I want to make an incision there, and in that incised innard, I want to leave a little thing. A thing that will root, gestate, and fulminate. Into what? Madness, trauma, happy happy joy joy thoughts and the like.

I want to mutate you with my words. Change you, dement you, destroy you, and uplift you. I need you to read me. Let me be your barker, your playwright, your hacksaw serenade. Make my madness your own, and in time to be a family of freaks and wierdos, because in the end, that is what we all are Freaks, weirdos. Sentient anomalies that come together with one goal. The written word, and the expressive worlds therein. So read me like you would any book, and watch the words for my little hooks, that dig in deep into your skin, for that's when it begins. A world awaits you without and within

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