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A thought on Black Holes

According to Quantum Theory, the universe is one of many universe in what it called the multiverse or quantum multiverse. Each universe is separate and kind of stacked but not touching each other. The universes kind of flow like waves and occasionally one universe will smack into another and boom; a big bang is created.

Now, according to popular scientific theory (or at least what I have seen on Wikipedia and The Universe) this universe is 13.8 billion years old and will continue for at least 100 trillion years with star formation until everything starts to go dark and we start what is known as heat death. Not a good time.

But considering that we have a newer universe in the grand and grander schemes of things. I mean, in the history of forever or before 13.8 billion years is kind of a drop in the celestial pool. Thinking past ourselves and our universe. I wonder if we are one of the younger universes. Rational would dictate that if this universe was started off by another universe, then there would be obviously more of them floating around bopping into each other like teens at a Dan Fogelberg concert. You know how those kids love their Fogelberg. What if there was another universe, maybe even the one that thunder punted us into existence is already at that goldilocks zone of screwed where all the lights are going out and all the energy is being used up. Think about that, you are sitting there right on the cusp of universal annihilation. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it?


What if there were a few civilizations in the other universe that have developed a way to cross over to our universe to get what they most desperately need… Energy. Maybe a technology that could harness the power that they steal from our or other universes to power suns (In the multiple.) and bring if not a thriving populace away from the brink, then at least keep them going for a short time longer if not indefinite. I do not know whether the physical properties of this world or another would prevent a person from entering a different and all by accounts unique to the universe, but energy should stay a constant and easily usable with the right tools.

They could also possibly share this with other neighboring systems and stars, though I doubt that would be possible for at this point the galaxies would have slowly diluted out and each star would more than likely be so far away from any others that they would never make the trip. But how would they be able to transfer the energies from this world to theirs? Did you ask, mayhaps?

Black holes.

Black holes are basically a big hole that sucks the energy out of our universe and sends it? Where? No one knows. It may very well be possible that a black hole may be a masked portal to send much-needed energies to suns and planets that may need them to survive like a siphon in the gas tank of our universe.

But that is impossible you say? Black holes are created by supernova’s you say? I know, you are very right. What if they figured that out too? I’m not saying that all supernovas and black holes are siphoning systems leading to the perpetuation of multiple universes. They are probably for the most part just what they appear to be. I’m saying that it might be feasible that some supernova may be primed by whatever it is that these alien universes, that they may actually trigger these events, maybe as a jolt of energy to start their own sun with the death of one of ours. The sun goes nova and forms a black hole which siphons a greater amount than it had when it was the sun.

I am not a scientist, this could be complete bullshit. Anyway, just a thought

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