Jackk N. Killington writes in the veins of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and bizarro. He has been published in numerous magazines, anthologies, and websites. He won the Editors choice awards for his story "A Message of Flesh" which can be found in "Rejected For Content" Volume1. 

He resides in Missouri where he loves on Sunny Massacre, hangs out with his cats, and writes words for himself and you to enjoy. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter.

You can find Sunny Massacre on Facebook, but you can also find her on Tik Tok as sunnymassacremua where she makes vids to make the bones quiver, and the heart quicken.   



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Review Written by Stuart Keane

And finally, the Editors Choice award for Rejected for Content. And what a way to end the collection. Some stories have been subtle, some wide in scope, and some outright brutal. This one? A Hollywood blockbuster of a story, encompassing a variety of creatures, occult themes and outright erotica. It's Spartacus crossed with Prince of Persia and Caligula with a little Divine Comedy thrown in for good measure. It's one of the smartest, most offensive stories you'll read all year and, in it's own right and a little extension, could be an excellent novel.

Ahmed is sailing to Sodom to set free his Queen, Lilan. What takes place is pure film fanfare, a story of perverse perfection, religion baiting offensiveness and undeniable, unfathomable lust. This story is hard to explain...you have to read it yourself.

To tell you anything that happens in this story is to ruin one of the most unique, outright insane, twisting and turning, crazy stories I've ever peeled my eyes over. So much happens in this story, from mass orgies, sacrifices, dark magic, resurrections, devil worshipping...it has a bit of everything. The scope on this story is so grand, I'm surprised MacLeod condensed it into the story itself, which is still fairly long. The themes are dark and strict, but the story is played for fun, creating a wonderful fantasy story with graphic, religious undertones and imagery that will have your eyes out on stalks. Which is never a bad thing...

Verdict: Bonkers, absolute bonkers. But controlled, imaginative, absolute bonkers. This story is a fitting finale to a grand anthology of horror. Kevin MacLeod shows that with a little bit of wit, bravado and research, you can create amazing, grand, original horror that will put perverts to shame and priests to the ground begging. Not many authors can do that...bravo sir.